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Label History

The grapes pictured on this label were located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan (Now considered Clinton Township, MI) on a small farm owned by Steve & Genevieve Jekielek, Tom’s parents. Circa 1980. The property in the background is now filled with condos. Some of the grapevines pictured were transplanted on Tom & Sue’s property in Roseville, Michigan prior to the remainder of them being destroyed by the developers. A portion of the grapes from these very special vines are used in every year’s production of TSJ Red. In fact, Tom & Sue’s small patch of grapes were the impetus that started their winery.

The trees and property pictured are, once again, from Steve & Gen’s farm in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Circa 1980.

The acres of tomatoes pictured on this label are also from Steve & Genevieve’s small farm. Circa 1970. The workers in the field are Tom’s relatives. If you look closely on the right, you can see the bushy tail of Tom’s first dog, Muffy.

Front label: The property pictured on this label was located in Mt. Clemens, Michigan on Sue’s Grandmother, Mary Jablonski's, farm. Sue’s mother, Josephine Failla, is wheeling these “bundles of joy.” From left to right: Sue’s brother Al, front center- Sue’s cousin Maryann, far right- Sue.

Back label: This is also Grandma Jablonski’s property. Sue is on the left and her mother Josephine is on the right. Circa 1950.

Font label: The man standing in th raspberry bushes is Steve Jekielek, Tom’s dad. These raspberries were once on the Jekielek farm in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. Circa 1950.

Back label: The young woman playing the accordion is Sue’s mother, Josephine Failla, in her yard on Traverse Street in Detroit, Michigan, circa 1940.

Front label: Computer generated label designed by Tom.

Back label: The lady in the foreground, behind the pumpkin, is Tom’s mother, Genevieve Jekielek. She was short, but not that short! She is kneeling behind the pumpkin, at the suggestion of Tom’s father, in an attempt to make the pumpkin look bigger in the photo! The background of the label is the front yard of Steve and Gen’s farm in Mt. Clemens, Michigan (Now considered Clinton Township) facing Cass Avenue. Circa 1960.


Christmas Sugar Plum
Front label: A distorted image of one of Tom and Sue’s Christmas trees.  Circa 2005.

Back lable: A Tribute to Frank D. Failla
Frank D. Failla (1929-2008), Sue’s father, was an avid woodworker.  He handcrafted the Santa and reindeer in the photo.  The star in the upper right hand corner contains a silver coin depicting a nativity scene, given to Tom by Frank.  If you look closely, Frank’s image can be detected near the bottom-center of the script.  R.I.P.